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Hitting the roads

Facilitation and Logistics
Facilitation will be conducted by trained staff with various teambuilding modules for selection.

Roadtrip convoys will be attended by at least 3 facillitators and logistic crew. Drivers will be assigned as necessary but Jeeps and SUVs may be self-driven with valid driving licences.


Cooks on duty. Depending of sites of interest and duration of expedition, a crew of outdoor cooks will be accompanying the expedition team to provide personalised service of local home cook meals.

Rates will only discussed in the enquiry form. Please fill in the enquiry form so that we can provide all the necessary costing.

Translating it into teambuilding
During our roadtrips into the exciting and exotic cultures of others, participants will be in a condusive environment to receive diverse perspectives. Together with trained facillitators, we will bring the foundation of classroom excercizes into the field. The requirements and demands of an outdoor expedition will also encourage communication and teamwork.

Outdoor classroom
Due to the nature of the expeditions, our accommodations will vary from hotels, teahouses, homestay and dormitories. On more ruggered routes, we may even be camping. So when we conduct our modules or any dialog sessions, it could be out in the field or even around a campfire under the stars. In a teahouse or makeshift shelters.

Basic itinerary
The minimum expedition is 4 days. A customised itinerary, lodgings, places of interests and teambuilding modules will be discussed in the enquiry form.

Example for a 4-day Java retreat cum management meeting expedition;
Day 0   Briefing and preparation (local).
Day 1   Flight and start of expedition to             historical/ cultural site.
Day 2   Expedition to traditional village/             dialogs with village elders.
Day 3   Proceed for management meeting             in selected hotel conference room.
Day 4   Flight home.
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