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Discovery Singapore
From 1819-1942, Singapore was part of the British Empire. This era of modern Singapore, ushered in a renewed growth on trade and commerce, describing the island as the "Gibraltar of the East"

From 1942-1945, During World War 2, Singapore was occupied by the Japanese Empire.

From 1945-1962, At the end of the world war, Singapore was returned to British rule. Trade and commerce resumes but at the same time, political awareness began to emerge as aspirations for nationality and self government grew.

From 1962-1965, In the attempt for independence, Singapore became part of Malaysia. This merger includes the Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

From 1965-present, The island attained Independence from Malaysia and became The Republic of Singapore. As of the year 2010, Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial center and one of the five busiest ports. She claimed the title of fastest growing economy in the world and best quality of life in Asia, placing her eleventh overall globaly.

Conclusion; Singapore have played her fair share of roles in history, with many kingdoms and empires, a place of both struggles and sanctuaries. It is with that legacy, Singapore has risen to be a cosmopolitan city, prosperous and dymanic, rich with her own unique traditions and a way of life.

Basic itinerary
The minimum program is 4 days. A customised itinerary, lodgings, places of interests and teambuilding modules will be discussed in the enquiry form.

Example for a 4-day discovery singapore;

Day 1   Check in and start of roadtrip to             historical/ cultural site.
Day 2   Farm tours/ Heritage trails.
Day 3   Free and Easy.
Day 4   Check out.

Activities available
• Food Extravagance Tour.
• Johor Day Trip.
• Heartland Race.
• Farmland Trails.
• Night Tour.

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laksamana (or admiral) Hang Tuah. Centered in what is presently the town of Malacca, the sultanate stretched from the borders of Ayutthaya Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) in the north to include Phuket Province, Satun and Pattani to Sumatra in the southwest.

From 1528-1819, Singapore was part of the Johor Empire which at its height of power, controlled the present day Johor, Riau, Lingga islands and parts of southeastern Sumatra. 


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