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"We the people"
True to our Vision of giving back to the Community and advocating Corporate Social Resposibility, we developed programs and events to promote positive and healthy involvement with the environment around us.

For the most part of our existence, our careers and professions occupy a huge portion of our lives. We spend most of our time at our work place and even if we really desire to do our part for the community or the environment at large, we may not be, - through the fault of our own - have the time. Naturally family comes next; not in priority but the amount of time we allocate and only then we make time for ourselves.

Serving while at work
We at Edenhide, through a globaly recognized concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), designed our teambuilding programs, event themes and trips to advocate community involvement and nature appreciation. In the spirit of CSR, we believe that this is among the best way we can positively move to achieve our goals. Corporates have the means to do more for the community and nature around them. When they get involve not only will they be part of society building, their participations will increase morale and productivity at the workplace. This in-turn will directly improve the quality and directly promote their products. Utimately we as the employees and all-round responsible people would have been given the time to make ourselves, a contributor in our community.

Catering to your needs
As mentioned earlier, our activies are centred around the community and nature appreciation. We will sit with our clients and discuss how best to improve our knowledge, social awareness and leadership propensity.

A 1-day program may include;
a fun-filled pirate treasurehunt with a backstory on nature and natural sciences.


a day community workshop on communication and leadership.

A few-days retreat might be
a corporate camping trip complete with communication and leadership exercises.


a local or overseas community project/ aid involving the construction of dormitories or installation of solar panels for the poor.

Edenhide Events
On ocassions Edenhide will organise events that may be participated by all. Follow us on facebook to be kept updated.

Events coming your way
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Past events

Cycling and Community Aid 2015

Sports Fiesta 2012

Bali Cycling Tour and Community Aid 2012

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