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Welcome to BootCamp
Basic itinerary
The minimum program is 2 days. customised itineraries and teambuilding modules will be discussed upon enquiry.

Example for a 2-day local Teambuilding retreat;

Day 0   Team contract and preparation.
Day 1   Teambuilding camp - the art             of listening/ understanding team             dynamics/ night activities)
Day 2   Summary retreat/ End of program.

Staying in or out
Depending on the clients' objective and location of base camps, participants are allowed to either choose to stay overnight in camp or participate only during office hours. An initial schedule planning and its endorsement will take place in the team contract before the commencement of any program. Once agreed, all participants must adhere to it. Additional rules regarding staying overnight will be detailed upon enquiry.

Facilitation and Logistics
Facilitation will be conducted by trained staff with various teambuilding modules for selection.

accommodations will be arranged through the selection of training venue. All lodgings will be air-conditioned with the exceptions of campsites.

Meals. All meals are halal certified and will be provided throughout the camp period.
Menus will be given for upon enquiry.

Rates will only be discussed upon enquiry. Please fill in the enquiry form so that we can provide all the necessary costing.

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Team contract
As part of the teambuilding process, prior to any program, a team contract will be set and endorsed by the members of the participating cohort or its organising committee.

In this team contract, participating members will;
• Set their own objectives.
• Set desired results.
• Set team expectations and policies.
• Set awards and demerits.

This excercise will allow for a complete awareness on the objectives of the camp and ensure full commitment from all participating members.

On top of our house rules, the list of objectives and team rules that was set earlier, must be adhere to throughout the camp. The agreed demerits will be imposed by their own fellow members when any failed to adhere to their own contract.

During the course of our programs, participants are required to complete appropriate assignments and conduct discussion groups both in an unfacilitated and facilitated environment.

Morning Yoga excercises
Keeping it in with tradition of most training camps, participants will begin each day with morning excercises. In our programs we include a yoga based morning excercise to freshen the mind and body.

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