Leaving a legacy

Our Mission and Vision
"To be a self-sufficient and profitable entity with a common mission of enriching lives. Returning what we reap back to the community is our ultimate goal and thus creating a legacy"

Passionate and professional
Eden-Hide have gone a long way to be where she is today. Success requires passion, that undying resolve to see things through. Success also requires us to be at our professional best. It is through these understanding that we were able to pull through difficult times and ultimately path our way for great achievements.

This site is the window to our businesses and services, our aspirations and our dreams. To understand our dedication is to know our history. Come journey with us as we bring you back to where it all began...

A short history
In early 2004, a group of friends came together and decided to start an entreprising venture. We were young and idealistic then; always full of spirit and enthusiasm.

As confident as we were, back then, we wanted to start something that would afford us the vision of returning back to the comminuty. It was a simple and noble idea. We believe that such altruism would help us lay a clear path and we know that if we were to stick together, pull our resources, our goals will be easily achieved... or so we thought!

Each of us were from different engineering backgrounds but we have a common passion for adventure and the outdoors. So began a humbling journey as we combine our management talents to take over an 80-room island resort in Pulau Tinggi, Johor.

2004 - Eden-Hide Pte Ltd and Eden-Hide (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated to manage Nadias Inn, Pulau Tinggi in the state of Johor. It was a challenging task and our first real test at diplomacy and business acumen for the property is owned by the former Tourism Minister of Malaysia. The resort was renovated, refurbished and in less than four months was ready for operation.

2005 - As part of our own corporate training and knowing the value it will have on our marketing efforts, we started introducing experiential training programs for schools and corporate staff.

2007 - Eden-Hide took over the management of Tinggi Island Resort as part of our continuing effort to provide our guests with an exotic location. It also serve as an extention venue for our experiential training programs.

2008 - Wanting a location back home to replant our roots, we manage to accuire the operation for Ubin Adventure Center at Pulau Ubin, Singapore.

We pursue our dreams with passion and committment. We work together with our clients with professionalism and dedication. It had been this way in the begining and will remain so, as our journey continues...

more to come

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